Earn College Credit While Immersed in Nature!

Maybe you need to take a couple classes but can’t stand the thought of spending summer in a classroom. Maybe you think our earth is a cool place and want to know more. Maybe you thought you’d never get to see a place like Yellowstone. Whatever your situation, there’s no education as valuable or as lasting as hands-on learning in the field.

Geology and geography faculty from UWFox have teamed up to offer an exceptional field experience for summer 2013.  Students and community members will be visiting nine National Park Service properties, including a full week in Yellowstone, all guided by faculty experts.   Working closely with these faculty, students will work in the field, learning field methods while crafting a project to earn six hours of transferable college credit.  And the best part: it’s affordable!

Glance through the trip’s highlights to see a sample of the amazing landscapes we’ll be visiting.  Check out the full itinerary for more in-depth information.  Read about the course’s expectations, and learn more about the instructors. Our FAQ cleans up just about anything else.  Oh, whatabout the big question?  Sure — we’ve got the costs broken down as well.

Still can’t find what you’re after?  E-mail Dr. Johnson with any questions.

Ready to go?  Get get info on Registration, connect to the Facebook page.

Hopefully you can join us this summer… It’ll be the trip of a lifetime!