Layers: Naples, Italy

LayersNaplesdetailsteamPeople often respond to terrible hazard danger with denial and indifference. This is particularly true for disasters which occurred long ago.  Without victims to remember and relate the terror of the hazard striking, threat seems remote despite historical or geomorphic evidence.  Such is the case with Naples and the cities nestled close to Mount Vesuvius (Vesuvio) and the Phlegreian Fields (Campi Flegrei), two of the most dangerous volcanic hazard zones on earth.  Despite that millions have toured the unearthed devastation within Pompeii and Herculaneum, people of the region fill every nook and cranny near the volcanic provinces.  While plans for evacuation exist, the average citizen is unfamiliar with them.  The local road network and the confining topography make evacuating those millions within the danger zone difficult, even under the best of circumstances….

Text prepared by Dr. James Brey

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Layers: Places in Peril


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