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Layers: New York City Metropolitan Area

Infrastructure is the glue that holds modern urban society together. Hazards attack people and infrastructure both; if the infrastructure becomes unusable, the toll of the hazard can be much greater and the time to recovery longer. The New York City Metropolitan area is vulnerable to a variety of hazards. The concentration of people and the […]

Video: Naples (Campania) from Layers: Places in Peril

“Naples” is part of “Layers: Places in Peril,” an art and earth science exhibit currently in the Aylward Gallery. We had the opportunity to film Professor Waller while she was working on this painting. Visit for more information about this exhibit.

Layers: New Orleans

New Orleans shows many faces and has many pasts.  Common to all has been wind and water.  Just above where the Mississippi empties into the subtropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico, on a long curve of a river defined by curves, just above or just below water, New Orleans is a city in peril.  […]

Layers: San Francisco

One of the most beautiful and important cities in the United States, San Francisco is rent by numerous fault lines.  To simplify you can picture the faults bunched together like a deck of cards stood on edge.  Each fault is a card, lined up on its edge, as they cut through the city, making the […]

Layers: Naples, Italy

People often respond to terrible hazard danger with denial and indifference. This is particularly true for disasters which occurred long ago.  Without victims to remember and relate the terror of the hazard striking, threat seems remote despite historical or geomorphic evidence.  Such is the case with Naples and the cities nestled close to Mount Vesuvius […]

Layers: Florence, Italy


Layers: Venice, Italy

The history of the city of Venice is one of escape.  Its original settlers found their way out into the uninhabited marsh and island swamps to escape the marauding barbarians laying waste to the mainland.  It was a successful escape.  The success with water borne trade and mastery of the Mediterranean Sea allowed for economic […]

Layers: Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Tacoma

Her white mantled majesty looms placidly over the entire Seattle- Tacoma metroplex.  Reassuringly there anytime the sky is clear enough to reveal her beauty.  Her permanence is somehow reassuring despite the fact that Mount Rainier is the volcano in the backyard.  One day, sooner or later, this mountain that looks so permanent and stable will […]

Layers: Florida Coastline, Daytona Beach

Most of the time the ocean waves lap the shorelines of Florida with a gentle regular rhythm.  This is the nation’s vacationland. Children run and squeal with delight as the water rushes up the sand and engulfs their tiny feet.  People collect shells or surf cast for fish. Elderly men play metal detectors over the […]

Layers: Red River Valley, Grand Forks, ND

The Red River flows northward between Minnesota and North Dakota.  The land there is flat – very flat. This is prairie land turned into breadbasket.  It’s “north country,” with long, brutal winters and heavy snowfalls.  The bitter cold slides down the river valley from the even colder lands from Lake Winnipeg far north into Canada.  […]

About Layers

Layers   is an exhibition of paintings and text highlighting world places in peril.  Paintings by Judith Waller (an artist) and text by Dr. James Brey (an earth scientist) respond to the fact that some of humanity’s most beloved cities and regions, the important structures and art therein and the natural environment, are confronting catastrophic loss […]

Layers: Places in Peril


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