Academic Offerings

Courses with a Sustainability Component

  • BIO 191 – Environmental Science.
  • BIO298/BUS297 – Beyond Recycling: Advancing Toward Sustainability
  • HES 127 – Fitness for Life
  • POL 215 – Public Policy
  • POL 219 – Media and Politics
  • SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 130 – Contemporary Social Problems

Find the course descriptions for each course by searching them on the Course Schedules page.

Emphasis in Sustainability or Environmental Science

Earning an Associate of Arts & Science degree with an emphasis enhances overall associate degrees because it provides a concentration of coursework in a particular area of study.  While adding an emphasis is not a requirement at UWFox, it adds value to your skills, knowledge, and experience. For more information about these two emphases, please visit the following link:

Certificate in Environmental Studies

UWFox offers an Environmental Studies Certificate which provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental issues, encompassing aspects of biological and physical science, natural resources, philosophy, and economics. For more information about UWFox certificates, please visit the following link: